Pastor Gary Dickman.

Pastor Gary Dickman was raised in southern Alabama until he enlisted in the Army in 1968. Upon completing Officer’s Candidate School, he received his commission as a 2nd lieutenant, was trained in jump school and Special Forces before being assigned to a tour of duty in Vietnam. There, the Army chose to use him as a platoon leader in the 9th Infantry Division. Then God chose to use him in His service, so after he was honorably discharged from the Army, he began to train (attend school) for the ministry.

His ministry began in 1970 as he helped lead the singing in a small country church near his home town of Bay Minette while he attended a junior college nearby. There were a significant number of teens in the church, so God broadened his ministry to include them, as well. Then, in 1971, God enriched his life with a bride, and later, 5 children, who are all serving the Lord, today. Upon graduating from Bob Jones University in 1974, he served as youth and music pastor near Altoona, PA, then as pastor in AL and WY (Lander). Finally, in 1993, God directed Scenic Bay Baptist Church, in Pensacola FL, to call him as their pastor, where he is currently serving.

From The Pastor.

The longer I know the Lord, the more convinced I am that God’s primary desire for His children is that we would learn from His Word, the Bible, to know Him well. The very idea that the God Who created this universe actually wants to walk with us, to abide in each of us, is amazing! The joy of preaching, “Thus saith the Lord…” becomes even greater as we see more and more clearly what an awesome God He is! With each book of the Bible we study, we are learning to see the God of the Word in the pages of the Word of God. I invite you to come and see for yourself.

-Pastor Gary Dickman

(Today, Pastor Gary is known for his expository preaching method (also known as systematic exposition) and the “Consider Him” radio broadcast.)

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